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Cinematic Films that Displays the Stunning Real Estate Istanbul has to Offer

When you are looking at real estate in Istanbul a (very) small point to consider is whether or not it has the potential to be a movie extra! I kid you not, well maybe a little! The variety that Istanbul offers in terms of historical and exceptional settings for films is tremendous and has been attracting film makers for many years.

Cinematic Films that Displays the Stunning Real Estate Istanbul has to Offer

Notable places of interest such as Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar and many more have been providing fabulous backdrops to many a movie. Here are a few of the many films that have chosen real estate Istanbul as their choice of location; providing stunning and diverse visual scenery, that not only have enhanced the films but promoted Istanbul on an global scale.

  • Hamam filmed in 1998, this was the debut film directed by renowned Turkish filmmaker Ferzan Özpetek. The story focuses on the renovation of another iconic piece of real estate Istanbul. A haman set in the Beyoğlu district for the film- but these can be found all over the city.
  • Topkapı Filmed in 1964, about a jewel heist of a Topkapı treasure, the Sultan’s Dagger has both the city and Topkapı Palace as both backdrop and centre stage. An old film, but worth a look as a reflection of Istanbul at that time.

Istanbul and Turkey continues to be of interest to film makers, so you can never be sure what you will find as you wander the streets of Istanbul – maybe even the next big blockbuster!


May 13 2016