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Amortization Periods of Residential Properties in Istanbul

Amortization Periods of Residential Properties in Istanbul

REIDIN, the information company which undertakes and publishes studies on real estate, has published a report related to the amortization periods of residential properties through their rental income.

One of the criteria which investors see as important when buying a residential property is the period in which the price of the property is redeemed through its rental income. The report published on this subject shows the Istanbul district of Beyoğlu at the top of the table with 10,9 years, followed by Eyüp with 11,8 years and Küçükçekmece with 13,9 years.

The fastest amortizing district is Beyoğlu
The report shows the different periods of time in which residential properties in Istanbul amortize themselves according to their districts. The districts where properties take the longest to redeem themselves through their rental income are Bakırköy with 26,1 years, Beşiktaş with 26 years and Beykoz with 25,20 years. What is interesting according to the report is that the amortization periods of the properties – through rental income – in the historic and central districts have become longer. The amortization periods of properties in 35 of the 39 districts of Istanbul is over 15 years while the districts below 15 years are Beyoğlu with 10,9, Eyüp with 11,8, Küçükçekmece with 13,9 and Esenyurt with 14 years.


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