When you buy a property in Istanbul through Reha Medin Global, you get far more than simply bricks and concrete. We know the difficulties of foreign clients facing before purchase, during purchase process, and after the purchase completes. Whether you are buying a property in Turkey as a second house or as investing, with our experienced team Reha Medin Global is here to help you in every step by providing a complete solution.

Before the investments

Evaluation of real estate in terms of location, prospective developments of the area, landscaping, facilities, amenities, etc.
Legal and technical checks of both the developer and the properties
Due diligence on each developer
Evaluation of real estate investments capital gain and rental income, etc.

During the investments

Organizing viewing trips
Consultancy on the buying process
Investment guidelines
Legal support
Tax advisory services
Title deed procedures
Tax number registration
Providing an independent solicitor
Escrow account management
Opening a Turkish Bank account
Notary and translation services
Consultancy for Turkish residency permit.

After the investments

After sale services
Rental management services
Resale services
Furnishing services
Architectural advice
Utility connections
Residency permit services