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Modern architecture, vast landscaping area and modular apartment system and best price advantage

$ 133,000

Location Advantages

Istanbul is the only city in the world which managed to serve not only as a host but also

a capital for each and every civilization formed there over the centuries.

It is a city which every visitor would want to revisit,every inhabitant feels attached, where architects builttheir most beautiful structures, and is the masterpiece
of every poet.

It is a beauty achieving to remain a center of attraction in every age thanks to its unique texture connecting Asia to Europe, matchless works, and particular life
style. It is the heart of business, culture, arts and life.

Beyoglu is the borough that makes İstanbul what it is.

Key Features:

221 apartments and 4 commercial spaces i.e. total 225 units.

Available in 1+0, 1+1 or 2+1 room apartments and roof duplex apartments covering 46 to 95 square meters, this project was designed to meet the needs of those who want to enjoy all the beauties this city offers.

It is distinguished in its advantage of customizing living space surface areas thanks to its modular structure, its proximity to key areas of the city, and various transportation means available.

This project presents such privileges as modern architecture, vast landscaping area and modular apartment system and meets every individual need thanks to its advantage of customizing the surface area of its apartments.

Social Facilities

  • Indoor swimming pool,
  • Fitness center,
  • Sauna and steam room,
  • Indoor garage.
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