The Location: Esenyurt is accepted as the "New Center" for New Istanbul. Headquarters of many companies and international hotels in the region created new residential units demand.

Thanks to important infrastructure projects in the vicinity, Esenyurt is gaining value day by day.

• Canal Istanbul Project combines Büyükçekmece Lake and Küçükçekmece Lake and brings an alternative to the Bosphorus. It will be a great solution to traffic congestion.

• Direct access from the highway: just 850 meters from the Tem Highway. • and less than 10 minutes away from the E5 Highway.

• 3. Bridge: Construction was completed, so the traffic problem on the European side was reduced. Also the Transit Europe Motorway is easily accessible from the project

. • After New Airport is fully completed, Ataturk Airport will be used only for cargo planes and New Airport will be used with main lines

. • Exhibition Area: Also, this area is the exhibition center of Istanbul, and every month thousands of people from abroad or from other parts of Turkey need for accommodation that increases the demand to commercial units.

• Hotel District: there are bunch of 5-star hotels around including Swiss and Sheraton, which makes the region more prestigious.

• Fields of Education: One of the most important aspects of urban life is education opportunities in a city. There are numerous prestigious colleges and universities. Since there will be no dormitory, students are potential tenants for the project. Schools are varied from pre-school to college.

• Shopping Centers: The project is very close to the biggest shopping centers. Akbati only 1.1km (walking distance) Only 10 minutes away from the popular Mall of Istanbul and just 19 km from Aqua Florya.

• Health Region: There are many hospitals around the project. Public and Private Hospitals are located in less than 1 km away from this project such as University Liv Hospital, Esenyurt Research Hospital and Acıbadem Hospital.

• In 2019, Metro station will open right in front of the project. And transportation to the city center and airports will be easier. The great impact of public transportation will affect the awareness and preference of the project.

And also rental income and of course profit will go up rapidly. There is a street concept which is inspired from Italian style with full of A plus and global brands. It will play a huge role in the value of the project.

The project is developed in 71.000 m2 land area with 25 blocks with 8 floors. We have 1.672 residential units and 128 commercial units.

Social Facilities:

 1 indoor, 2 outdoor swimming pools

 10 km walking way

 1000sqm fitness center

 1000sqm playground area

 2 art galleries and theatre halls

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