This is a 4 unit apartment that has been renovated by a famous Turkish architect. In the entrance 

floor, there is a common area where you can watch TV or work. All the rooms have bathroom 

and kitchenette. Be aware, this is a dynamic neighborhood.


Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to live in the center of the city? Asmalimescit embodies many thing 

including the night life, touristic attractions, shopping malls, Turkish food and culture. The city never 

sleeps and Taksim is a part of this. If you like stepping out to lively alleys, Asmalimescit is just the place 

for you! This dynamic neighborhood is very close to the public transportation station Tunnel on Istiklal. 


With the easy access of tunnel, you can go to Kabatas and travel around Istanbul easily. You can also use 

the metro to travel directly from Taksim. Sishane metro station is very close to the rental property. There 

is no limit to the public transportation vehicles you can use in this area. 


Let’s talk about the rental property! Renovated by a famous Turkish architect, this perfectly located 

apartment is a 4 unit apartment. Each flat has a private bathroom and kitchen provided for the tenants. 

Don’t miss out the chance to have a cosy home in the core of the city.

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