Time Out from Searching to Buy Istanbul Property

Time Out from Searching to Buy Istanbul Property

July in Istanbul can be hot and sticky and if you are trying to conduct any form of business it can be difficult! Looking to buy Istanbul property means you have to leave the air conditioned rooms of the office and get out there in the fresh (humid) air. Now if you are lucky, the property you are looking to purchase will be air conditioned too but unfortunately that is not always so. Last post talked about ways to be cool in summer in Istanbul, this week we are going to look at a couple of places where you could be a little cooler. So in-between trying to stay cool and focussed to buy Istanbul property, try doing one of these:-

Visit Prince Islands

Princess Islands

Now not only does the ferry ride give you a refreshing sense of coolness, grab a seat by the water on the crossing and you will get some benefit from the slightly mulish breeze. Time slows down when you land on one of the four Islands out of nine that are opened to the public. While still hot, the lack of traffic, the narrow streets and the sense of just slowing down are all conducive to making you feel cooler. Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage to feel really chilled out.

Go Down Under

Basilica Cistern

A visit to the magnificent and slightly spooky underground Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnıcı). This cathedral sized underground water reservoir is dated from the 6th century, its columns and sculptures add to slightly eerie atmosphere but it certainly a cool break aware from that blazing Istanbul sun

A Walk in the Park

Gulhane Park

Getting close to nature always has a relaxing effect, the cool green of the trees offering shade and the soothing aroma of flowers helps to remove the weight of the sun for a while. Feeling imperial? Head to the Gulhane Park part of Topkapı Palace gardens, its tree lined avenue is a pleasure to walk along, not hard to imagine the Ottoman royalty wandering along the paths. Fancy a bit more variety then head to the Yildiz park in Beşiktaş, a little bit of everything here from manicured gardens to forests where the Ottoman sultans used to hunt. A very pleasant way to avoid the midday sun.

An Evening Sail

Bosphorus evening Sail

Had a long hot day searching to buy Istanbul property? Time to cool off with a lovely evening sail. A private hire from Eyüp piers will take you to Karaköy - ideal way to get home if you live there but a relaxing, even romantic trip if you don’t. Just being on the water has a cooling effect.
So whatever your day has been like searching to buy Istanbul property escaping the heat for a short time is possible and pleasurable. Don’t forget drinking ayran and maybe one of the famous Turkish sherbets will also help you cool down a bit also.