Don’t Forget to Absorb the Sounds, Sights and Scents when Looking at Istanbul Flats for Sale

Don’t Forget to Absorb the Sounds, Sights and Scents when Looking at Istanbul Flats for Sale

Istanbul really defies description, the sights, sounds and smell are uniquely its own. The mixture of East and West that mingles together provides a vast array of delights both historic and modern that can be seen, heard, tasted and smelt. Whatever your reason for being in Istanbul from visitor to looking to Istanbul flats for sale, you will see the historical skyline with its magnificent mosques and palaces, you will smell the sea, the spices and the scents of the wonderful diverse cuisine. If looking for Istanbul flats for sale you will probably visit both the Asian and European sides city to explore the areas and get a feel for the culture. All the areas of Istanbul have their own individual atmosphere, from lively & bustling to quiet and contemplative and everything in between. One thing you can be sure of wherever you visit, there will be someone, somewhere playing music.

Take time out from Hunting Istanbul Flats for Sale and Listen to the Music

Turkish music is as diverse as the population, listening to music from all points of the compass within Turkey will have different sounds and tonality to it. Making unique Turkish music that defines a region and its people. Looking to live in Istanbul and looking at Istanbul flats for sale you are sure to hear an endless variety of music from all over Turkey, and beyond. Briefly, you could roughly describe four distinct types of music in Turkey:

Turkish Classical Music

  • Turkish Classical Music: This was developed in the palaces, sometimes called Ottoman music or Sanat (Art) Müzik. The underlying elements in this music also contains aspects of Arab and Persian music. This style of music displays the use of a Makam system that is very integral to Turkish music; an extremely complicated and complex system that provides the tonal quality of Turkish music.
  • Turkish Folk Music: This covers all the traditional music from the different regions and cultures of Turkey. Turkish folk music and songs are as popular today with people as pop songs. You will discover bars throughout the city advertising “Türkü” (literally ‘of the Turk’) müzik and very popular they are too. Don’t miss a chance to visit one.
  • Turkish Military Music: The music of the Janissaries, another piece of history well respected and kept alive. Music of the Janissary is considered a sign of power and has an important status in the country. Performed at ceremonies and special occasions the drums, the traditional instrument of this music, is a powerful, echoing voice that you not only hear but feel. Its echo remaining long after the music stops.
  • Turkish Popular Music: Whilst classified as modern music, the genres here reflect the ongoing support to all styles of Turkish music alongside the influences of other styles of music from around the world.

Whatever your taste in music, exotic, romantic, for dancing or just listening too. Turkey offers up its own sounds that display a pride in the nation, its culture and its diverse history. Do not miss an opportunity to absorb and enjoy this music.