Turkish Real Estate – An Introduction to Fatih

Turkish Real Estate – An Introduction to Fatih

The Colourful Narrow Streets of the Fatih District of Istanbul

Turkish Real Estate – An Introduction to Fatih

The Fatih area of Istanbul, once called Old Stamboul, Old Istanbul, and Rome of the East, is the original city built on the seven hills. Surrounded by the remains of the Byzantine city walls, Turkish real estate here goes back to Istanbul’s earliest times; displaying elements of the city’s architecture imbued with the history of the region and the people who created it. The area is conservative by nature, long associated with the Islamic faith, being the area that the first purpose built seminary and of course the famous Fatih mosque can be found. The eclectic collection of architecture in this area reflects the fusion of inhabitants and migrants that have made their homes here over the years.
Situated on the European side of the Bosphorus, Fatih sits to the south of the Golden Horn (Haliç in Turkish) surrounded by the ageing Byzantium walls. Since 2008 the district of Fatih was merged with Eminönü and a regeneration of the areas mosques and houses commenced. The geography of the Eminönü district has lent itself over the years to becoming the transportation hub of the city. The Golden Horn estuary dissects the European side of Istanbul and it is here you will find transportation for sea, train and foot routes in and around the city, definitely a bustling and energetic area.
Turkish real estate within the neighbourhoods is diverse, as can be said of most of Istanbul! The streets are like rabbit warrens and sometimes you really do not know where you will end up. Getting lost in Fatih is a time honoured tradition!

Historical Turkish Real estate to be Found in Fatih

Once an area for the wealthy, Fatih is now a more working class area with a mixture of immigrants. Originally from Anatolia, these immigrants have also made the Fatih district a renown gastronomic area where you can find restaurants serving original Turkish recipes especially the Anatolian cuisine. As expected, as one of the oldest planned areas within Istanbul and containing much of its history, you will also find residing in the Fatih/Eminönü district a number of famous Turkish real estate historical sites and monuments in neighbourhoods such as: -

  • Balat – now a UNESCO heritage site, this ageing but once grand neighbourhood housed Istanbul’s Jewish population
  • Samatya – an area popular with film & TV directors, the TV series ‘Ikinci Bahar’ (Second Spring) was filmed here. This area was home to a large Armenian & Greek community, Istanbulites and visitors head here to visit the picturesque fish market on the Marmara Sea.
  • Sultanahmet – containing some of the most famous Turkish real estate, Topkapı Palace, Aya Sophia, the Blue Mosque.

Plus many more places of interest, historically, architecturally and culturally. Living, working, passing though on your way to somewhere else or just visiting, the Faith district holds much to intrigue and pique the interest of any visitor transitory or otherwise. Stay awhile here, lose yourself in the myriad of similar streets, smell the spice bazaar, travel back in time to the Grand bazaar, Fatih offers you a very real sense of the Istanbul of yesterday and today.