Buying an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Turkey is as much a Social Experience as it is Business

Buying an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Turkey is as much a Social Experience as it is Business

Spring is arriving throughout Turkey, some areas earlier than others but one of the favourite past times of Turks is starting to appear. Barbequing is an all year round pastime in Turkey where the whole family will pack up and head to their favourite place to grill. Visitors are always welcomed and there is always enough food to feed twice the people there. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey, you will not miss out on this experience. Whilst within the city BBQ’s are more to be found in the oçakbası restaurants than on the balcony, just head out of the city, usually on a Sunday and follow you nose to the BBQ and picnic parks. I certainly recommend that this is something you do to be part of the Turkish experience. Ok, one can say actually buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey is a Turkish experience. Looking and purchasing property in Turkey is as much a social event as it is business but in Turkey business is often conducted at a social level. Do not be surprised if you are invited by vendor or emlak to eat ‘au naturel’ with them.

Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Some Tips for a BBQ invite when looking at Purchasing an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

On your visit to obtain an apartment for sale Istanbul Turkey, you have received your invite to a BBQ, what do you need to know?

  • This will be a relaxed family affair, expect to meet spouses, children, other relatives and even neighbours.
  • Alcohol is not normally served at a family BBQ, so ditch the wine and take a couples of litre bottles of Fanta or Cola.
  • You will not be expected to contribute to the meal but an offer is always nice. Sometimes the meat is collected on route. Even from the road side in some rural areas! The men normally do the meat purchasing on these occasions so you can offer to pay but unless this is your BBQ idea your offer will be rejected. Paying for food in Turkey the practice of 50/50 is not the norm. if you invite -the costs are yours.
  • Dress casually and comfortable and expect to eat ‘outdoor style’ that is not table or chairs.
  • Sometimes you might find yourself in the oddest of places to eat, like a rounds about or verge at the side of the road. Other times you will join a crowd of people at the many picnic parks.
  • These are very social events but there is some protocols. Men BBQ: women do everything else. You can just sit there and be waited upon and no less will be thought of you. Looking after a guest is very important to the Turks. If you can join in, then do, the experience is fun. A piece of advice leave your ‘I know how to do this hat’at home - guest etiquette 101 for Turkey
  • Whilst no contribution is expected from a guest, something sweet like some baklava would be welcomed.
  • Turks normally clean up after themselves, leaving the area ready for the next group but you will often find they will leave carrier bags of rubbish by the wayside. Local councils patrol these popular areas to collect these.

If you get offered an invite to a Turkish BBQ I recommend you accept. Take a break from looking for that apartment for sale Istanbul Turkey and get a feel for why you are thinking of buying here.