Travelling or thinking to Invest Istanbul? Try an Istanbul Tourist Pass to see all you can

Travelling or thinking to Invest Istanbul? Try an Istanbul Tourist Pass to see all you can

As a traveller passing though or a business man thinking to invest Istanbul, to get the best experience of Istanbul it is a good idea to do some pre planning. If you plan to invest Istanbul then it is sensible to know more about the place, what it has to offer and how the investment can bring you good returns. As a traveller, you want to experience as much as you can of this vibrant city in the time you have available. One easy way of achieving these goals is to buy yourself an Istanbul Tourist Pass.
These passes are for either, 1,3 or 7 days, so very flexible. These passes can make you a saving of around 25% -50% on travelling around and the various attractions. You may have to make a reservation at some of the attractions but for others you will receive individual tickets for each attraction to go when you want. Some planning prior to visiting will be required but it will ensure your trip for whatever reason flows easily, with maximum use of the time you have available. Ordering the pass and making reservations are all done online and is quick and easy.

High speed Internet as 4.5G Technology is Now Available across Turkey

As a visitor to Turkey you will be very pleased to hear that from March 2016, 4.5G technology is available in Turkey. This faster technology is an upgrade on third generation (3G) and is in response to the demand for increased capabilities to watch high definition videos and a faster internet speed especially in data transmission speeds. Three of the main mobile phone companies: Turkcell, Türk Telecom (Avea) and Vodafone have each invested substantial sums in order to be licensed for this service. The ramifications of this increased service will be seen not only in the communications industry but in the economy. Businesses need quick response times to maintain a global presence and be competitive. 4.5G technology will benefit all those who wish to invest Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey.