Yener Torun’s Photographs of Istanbul

Yener Torun’s Photographs of Istanbul

A Perspective of the Mélange of Real Estate in Istanbul.

When you think of Istanbul what image comes to mind? The fabulous historic skyline? The hustle and bustle of the Bosphorus? Narrow streets filled with historic architectural designs? These and more would only touch upon the amazing variety of scenes that project the multi-dimensional city of Istanbul. Just thinking about the range of diversity in the architecture found in the real estate in Istanbul is a truly amazing experience. Ottoman style to present day offers what each architect’s vision for the city was, a statement on the current time and a predictive of future time. Just walking through one area of Istanbul you will encounter a potpourri of styles, sizes and colour. The use of mosaics, marbling and tiles add to the distinctive feel of some of the buildings but over the years the colours have become muted and even grey in some circumstances. You can find this throughout Turkey but real estate in Istanbul is by far the biggest melting pot of styles.
The architect and photographer, Yener Torun shows us another perspective of Istanbul, one that is maybe not usually associated with the city. He visually, through his photographs, brings to us the colours that can be found in Istanbul. If you are wanting to see something more contemporary within Istanbul’s various architectural styles take a look at his photographs or follow him on Instagram. He highlights modern contemporary design with the uses of geometric shapes enhanced by colour, described as gems these buildings certainly brighten and enhance the city, providing some very attractive real estate in Istanbul for a purchaser or renter and off course a very pleasant perspective for anyone walking by.

Yener Torun’s Photographs of Istanbul

Options for Viewing the Amazing Architecture of the Real Estate in Istanbul

Anyone considering buying real estate in Istanbul will have searched the Internet, Pinterest and real estate websites. Whatever you are looking for in a building, modern, classical or contemporary design, in a city as large and diverse as Istanbul this could be quite a task. Every area has its own secret delights, architectural surprises. To see them and experience them you need to visit. An interesting option to consider is the Architectural Tours that are available within the city. These can be tailored to what you want to see and bespoke tours can be organised for one person or a group. This is a delightful and really original way to see the city and the architectural diversity within it; experiencing for yourself the effect of these buildings on the surroundings and people living with them.