Istanbul Property available for those Travellers interested in Staying a While

Istanbul Property available for those Travellers interested in Staying a While

For over 3,000 years Istanbul has been host to many travellers, some who passed through, some who stayed and some who conquered. Today the modern megalopolis of Istanbul is still welcoming travellers with a warmth and interest in their comfort. The International travel community makes constant use of the excellent facilities that are available here. The position of Istanbul, its excellent road, sea and air transportation ensure travellers get to where they want to be in comfort, style and speed.
It could be that you become one of the many who are making this city a place to stay not just travel through. The attraction of owning an Istanbul property is growing; the growth of the city and it myriad of attractions make investing in an Istanbul property a profitable addition to your portfolio. Living here, owning a second home or renting, all are excellent reasons for considering Istanbul as the place in which to be.

Istanbul Property available for those Travellers interested in Staying a While

Istanbul Established as a Leading Global Convention Destination

One noticeable increase in Istanbul over the past few years is its growth as a convention centre. According to ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) there has been a dramatic upsurge in Istanbul as a popular destination for conventions. ICCA put Istanbul in 8th place last year, a noticeable difference from 46th place in 2000. The increase appears to be due to a number of factors:

  • The increase in leisure tourism and subsequent increase in 4/5* accommodation.
  • The growth of destinations opened up by Turkish Airlines routes.
  • The investment into the city internally and externally, with two convention centres being opened in 2008 & 2008 with more following.
  • The new airport, new bridge and all the associated infrastructure has made Istanbul a very attractive destination for conventions and businesses.

As an investment consideration, the ownership of Istanbul property is growing exponentially alongside the city and its amenities. As Istanbul continues to grow as a convention centre so does the options for rental long and short term. If you are a regular convention visitor or worker it makes sense to have your own base in Istanbul, cutting costs on hotel accommodation alongside a return for your investment. The choices available for a convention is considerable from large capacity areas to intimate historical venues. You will also find as much variety in the choices for Istanbul property both in costs, position and style ensuring you will find a property that will suit your investment portfolio.