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Istanbul Property, Jazz Festivals and Music Venues

If you are looking for or have already purchased your Istanbul property you are in for a treat if you are in the city in July of this year. This is the month that the International Jazz Festival will take place. Formally just the Istanbul Jazz Festival in this, its 23rd year, jazz musicians and performers from all over the world will be arriving in the city alongside the fans and jazz lovers who support the festival. The event is spread throughout the city offering everyone a chance to enjoy. If you are planning on renting your Istanbul property, the festival will bring many visitors and as such it is a good idea to be aware of this and advertise accordingly.
Having an Istanbul property allows you access to the many exciting and variable musical events that take place here throughout the year. The venues available, go from huge theatres to small intimate, bohemian bars and clubs. A good many of the popular, regular music venues can be found in and around Istiklal Caddesi but do avoid the Pavyon establishments unless you are looking for pricey drinks and scantily dressed ladies! Here are a couple you might like to try out in the Istiklal area.

Istanbul Property, Jazz Festivals and Music Venues

  • Hayal Kahvesi: This is very popular with young Turks, especially on a Saturday night. This is where you will find up and coming Turkish rock, jazz and pop bands play. The music is often covers of familiar Turkish pop songs and the atmosphere is electric and the music loud! Around the corner you can find Hayak Kahvesi Bistro, just as popular and busy.
  • Kallavi Meyhanesi: Turkish people enjoy being able to sing and dance on a night out and traditionally a Meyhane is where this would happen. People come to eat and be part of the entertainment. At this venue around the dessert time a man with a drum and one with a violin will start the music with popular sing a longs and then the dancing will start and everyone will join in at some point. An excellent night out.

Leaving your Istanbul property for a night out, head to Taksim and enjoy a meander. Wandering the streets in and around Istiklal Cad in an evening the cacophony of sound is amazing, you can hear pop, jazz, rock and traditional all in the same building in three separate bars! The fun is in finding the same place and music you like a second time. Like the city, the music scene is eclectic, energetic and constantly evolving, providing an exciting experience and one that everyone should certainly partake of whilst in Istanbul.


Apr 07 2016