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Invest in real estate in Istanbul and Experience It’s Culture

Should you invest in real estate in Istanbul? Of course you should; the city offers so much to a discerning investor, attracting a global community of visitor’s year after year is a huge plus for any investment portfolio. Hosting multiple events throughout the city all year round attracts more and more people every year. To invest in real estate in Istanbul is an opportunity to align yourself with its not only exciting growth in many areas but with its potential to grow even further. The variety of experiences offered by the city alongside its culture will continue to attract investors and visitors for many years to come. More and more International organisations in the Arts, are looking towards Istanbul as an attractive venue with huge potential international audiences.

A Dull month made Brighter in Istanbul – Invest in Real Estate in Istanbul and Become a Part of it.

Invest in real estate in Istanbul and Experience It’s Culture

Generally, not a lot happens in February but if you are in Istanbul February is a great month. February is the month to fall in love with Istanbul. Literally in fact! The annual 360 Degrees of Love Festival held in the city has as its 2016 theme ‘World in Love’. Hosting the Festival for the 8th year, Istanbul will be embraced by multiple art and cultural events. This multi-disciplinary festival is spread over a number of venues in the city, introducing locals and visitors to the wonderful experiences that the mediums of art, dance and music can offer.
From small beginnings the festival has grown from just 3 venues and 20 artists to over a 100 artists in numerous venue across the city. Another indication of the interest and growth of Istanbul itself. Sponsored by International and local organisations like Turkish Airlines, the Festival reaches out with its events, exhibitions and seminars to encourage the world that through love we shall promote hope and peace.
As an International hub of art and culture Istanbul is embracing the world offering a place where all are welcome. Sponsored by the Audrey Hepburn Foundation, the event’s guest of honour is Sean Hepburn Ferrer, son of Audrey Hepburn, a film producer who intends during his visit to make a 45-minute film on Istanbul. The 360 Love Festival promotes not only its message but is also a clear indication of the popularity of the city.


Mar 25 2016