How to Best Present Your House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

How to Best Present Your House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Wherever you are selling your house you want to make a good impression on prospective buyers and if you have a house for sale in Istanbul Turkey you have to make that extra bit of effort. Why? Well if you are living in Istanbul you know the competition. New apartments, villas and houses are for sale with very competitive prices and purchasing deals – you might even yourself be moving into a new house for sale in Istanbul Turkey yourself! So you need to make your house more attractive to a buyer. Being clean and in good repair goes for any property; look with a critical eye at the paint work and outward appearance. Anything that can be viewed needs to look its best, ensure everything is in working order, entry lights especially.
First impressions count, while buyers and investors will have their own check list it is a smart move to give a clean and tidy visual presentation, have a check list of your own so you know what wants doing prior to a viewing. If unable to repaint make sure you touch up obvious marks or scratches, ensure windows are clean and areas free of dust and cobwebs – even the room you don’t use! Tidy away what is not necessary, clutter detracts from a viewing. Maybe invest in a new shower curtain and bright kilim to add appeal. As people we do use all our 5 senses but sometimes we are not aware of doing so. When preparing your house for sale in Istanbul Turkey consider these senses and incorporate them into ensuring your house presents at its best.

How to Best Present Your House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Using the 5 senses to Prepare Your House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

  • Sight: The most used of the senses and one that consciously and unconsciously your potential buyer will be using. They will notice the toys scattered about or the washing up not done. They will also be aware of clean surfaces and the bunch of fresh flowers. Try to make the rooms as light as possible. Most viewers will have done their homework and viewed photos of your place from the internet or real estate agent, you need to present to each viewer that pristine (as far as is possible) presentation.
  • Smell: Another important aspect, an unpleasant odour will certainly affect a buyer with a negative reaction; animal or pet smells and of course the scent of smoking needs to be eliminated. The smells that bring positive responses are gentle reminiscent smells, from research vanilla is very popular. A vanilla pod or cinnamon popped in a warm oven is a good tip but if not possible use plug-ins but try to avoid strong definite scents. The scent of baking is an obvious choice but again not always possible. Avoid disinfectant or pine smells.
  • Taste: This is a difficult sense to appeal to, if you are present you could offer some biscuits or baklava. Leaving a bottle of water and glasses out on a tray with some small snack like locum (Turkish Delight) or chocolate could have the dual effect of appealing to taste and being welcoming. Let your agent know the viewers are free to have these.
  • Touch: This is an oft neglected sense but people do like to touch even inadvertently, so definitely no dust! You could also try adding some texture to your rooms with soft throws and fluffy cushions; soften leather suites with sheepskin rugs. Leave out the nicer napkins, nothing overboard but acknowledgement that touch is a sense that influences too.
  • Listening: An atmosphere of a house can be strongly influenced by sounds. Not a lot you can do about traffic noise except make sure windows are closed but you could play some soft music in the background.

Utilising all of the senses is a positive approach to preparing your house for sale in Istanbul Turkey, also if possible have to hand some local information to supplement what the agent will be telling them and as something they can take away with them that will act as a reminder of their visit – they possible will be looking at many so anything that makes you stand out positively is good.