Looking for Istanbul flats for sale? Get on your bike

Looking for Istanbul flats for sale? Get on your bike

Yes a bike, I am perfectly serious, well slightly tongue in cheek but with traffic snarl ups it is sometimes easier to ride around the area you are considering looking for Istanbul flats for sale, as you can see a lot more than when driving and it can be quicker. Istanbul is not a city known for its cycling habits like cities in Europe. Amsterdam and Copenhagen come to mind, where cycling is not only encouraged it is actively supported by government and local councils. Turkey as a whole has not really taken on board the idea of cycling as a fitness and lifestyle choice or to be honest as an alternative transport option and in the cities there is a sense of astonishment when cyclists go by. As a professional sport there are many cycling events taking place every year. The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is an annual event held April -May. There are 8 stages of this road cycling race which starts in Istanbul and ends in Alanya.

Cycle path along the Bosphorus

Cycling in Istanbul

A number of groups and organised cycling tours are available in Istanbul. Educating Turks that cycles are not just ridden by necessity is going to take time and especially if they think it is a sport for the wealthy. A group, Bisiklet Derneği has been set up that is attempting to increase awareness of the cyclists needs and educate about the benefits of cycling. They offer regular cycling meets and teach first aid for cyclists. Critical Mass İstanbul is part of an International group that holds monthly cycling meet ups, usually with no route plan but with cyclists following the leaders, often you can hear them shouting “Arabadan in, bisiklete bin” (get out of your car; get on a bike). Urbanisation of areas of Istanbul is increasing the opportunity for cyclists but more could be done in the planning stages. So if you are interested in looking at Istanbul flats for sale from the saddle of a cycle I might advise you to think twice. Although if the Istanbul flats for sale are in the Princes Islands then you won’t have a problem other than avoiding the electric scooters!