Tips for Purchasing Real Estate in Istanbul

Tips for Purchasing Real Estate in Istanbul

Searching for property and real estate in Istanbul is an exciting, interesting and potentially exhausting experience. You have to have a plan. A battle plan even, as this enormous city is attracting more and more investors and buyers. Real estate in Istanbul is attracting investors and buyers from all nations, so all the more important you are prepared.

  • Know your allies Your most important ally is your real estate agent. Turkish people are naturally friendly, know this and incorporate it into your strategy. They want to work with you but remember they see a lot of prospective buyers so make yourself stand out to them, make a note of their names, maybe their children’s and spouse so you can continue a personal conversation with them; as good business people they will be doing it as well.
  • Gather Intel as your relationship grows with your real estate agent, you will be able to gather more information on what you are looking at; like is the price flexible? Work with your estate agent to achieve the best outcome for yourself
  • Look for potential first impressions count but the property may be a bit dilapidated or conversely too modern for you tastes, consider what can be done
  • Beware the senses Purchasing real estate in Istanbul can be very straightforward if you are prepared but sometimes you cannot be prepared for how a property makes you feel. Sometimes you walk into somewhere and get a rush of ‘this is for me’, ‘it’s perfect’ ‘nothing better’. You need to be aware of how your senses are working, how they are considering, maybe unconsciously what you are viewing. Sight, sound, taste feel and smell can all affect our judgement in positive and negative ways. A good real estate agent knows this and will have advised the vendor how best to appeal to your senses.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, try out applications to make sure they work, open cupboards. Be charming and courteous but remember why you are there, find out all you can so you can make the best informed decision you can.