Let us help you identify which of our houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey would suit you

Let us help you identify which of our houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey would suit you

Looking for a luxury home? You want something that little bit special, the extra touches that’s elevates the property from the norm? Then we think Istanbul will have just what you seek. As with any other major city there are a variety of housing prices to suit every budget yet Istanbul certainly has some excellent and exclusive complexes and homes to tempt you. As a trans-international city with its feet in Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers excellent opportunities for investment and development of high end luxury homes. The history of the city as a hub of business and economy is well recognized and its development into the twenty-first century further defines it as a Global powerhouse. Living and working in Istanbul is exciting, invigorating and stimulating. The access to history and centuries of culture is just on your doorstep. The added attraction of Turkey’s stability when compared to some of its neighbours and the rising and strong economy has caught the interest of many, especially Middle Eastern and European buyers, combine these facts with affordable comparative prices on houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey and the mix is a happy one.

A price comparison in the Wall street journal says that $1million will buy you a 1,045 square foot luxury property compared with 271 square feet in London or 433 square feet in Manhattan.  The choice of where to buy is considerable given the size and variety of houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey. The city center of Sultanahmet is not as popular with buyers as other options; mainly in part due to the rules regarding historic buildings and the subsequent high cost of any renovation and the high tourist traffic due to the history of the area.The exclusive waterfront neighbourhood at Bebek is very popular. Located in the administrative area of Besiktas, its name Bebek meaning baby in Turkish is the subject of many opinions; one is that it was named after Bebek Celebi, the head of Law enforcement during the Ottoman times who was appointed to the area during the Conquest of Constantinople. Historically Bebek has been a popular area for the wealthy with its lovely bay and individual homes surrounded by trees that continues today, looking for luxury homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey this is a prime spot to consider and just a little further down is the equally attractive Kurucesme where you will find a slightly younger population enjoying this trendy area. 
Looking for luxury homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey? We can find your dream home in this fantastic city 

Another vibrant area to consider is Taksim for high end exclusive apartments and houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey. Taksim considered by many to be the heart of Istanbul is a lively interesting place to live, close to historic palaces and fantastic modern shopping complexes; Istanbul’s variety of clubs and bars abound; here you will find elite and exclusive apartments to satisfy the most discriminating of taste.  for assistance is finding your exclusive property from houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey.