Find the Perfect Istanbul House for Sale in Turkey Where the West and East Fell in Love

Find the Perfect Istanbul House for Sale in Turkey Where the West and East Fell in Love

Before you start looking for the perfect house for sale in Turkey, conduct the following experiment. Take a 10-minute ferry ride from the European side to the Asian side. Istanbul enjoys an unparalleled geographical advantage of straddling two continents. After investing in an Istanbul house for sale in Turkey, some investors still confess feeling excited every time they make that crossing. However, for Istanbul inhabitants, the crossing is a routine that takes them away from their homes in Asia. Some people head over to one of the banks in Levent district, a bar or restaurant in central Beyoglu, or even to the tourist Sultanahmet quarter. The short journey is a journey through time; a fusion of the present and the past of some sought. Once you buy a house for sale in Turkey, the beauty of things around you in Istanbul will always surprise you and affirm your decision to settle or invest.

Purchasing an Istanbul house for sale in Turkey offers you a front row seat to the lure of the differences of religion, language and culture. The mixture clearly defines what Istanbul is; a city with two halves both geographically and otherwise. There is no clear separation of the two cities; instead, it is all mixed in a great pot of joy, indicating that this is where the West and the East fell in love. The contrasts within the city are all over. You will find a mosque on the same street as an orthodox church a few blocks from your newly purchased Istanbul house for sale in Turkey; a man riding a horse and tagging along a cart weaving through the traffic. Big, fashionable shopping malls on one street and old bazaars where barter trade is still practiced on the next. Such contradictions make Istanbul a great place to live or invest in

Are You Looking to Buy a House for Sale in Turkey?

We at Reha Medin International understand the importance of your aspirations and dreams, for that reason, we offer you a premier house for sale in Turkey. Purchasing a property in Turkey means you are buying into a booming economy that is guaranteed to offer you the highest resale prices and rents. However, a fast-growing economy in the world requires job creation. Most of these jobs are now located in Istanbul where the leading industrial and financial industries have set up camp. The inward migration into Istanbul has increased dramatically over the past few years. Another reason, why you should buy a house for sale in Turkey, is pure supply and demand. The housing needs in Istanbul are outstripping the supply, which means your rental property will never be vacant for an extended duration of time. By most European city standards, Istanbul’s property prices are lower; however, it is important to mention that a large population of the Istanbul residents, rent rather than purchase property. The rental yields you can expect can get to as much as 12%. To ensure that you have all the right information about the Istanbul real estate market at any time, do not hesitate to contact us