There is a trend right now for people heading off to travel the world, find a House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey and Look No Further

There is a trend right now for people heading off to travel the world, find a House for Sale in Istanbul Turkey and Look No Further

For anyone who has spent time traveling abroad, many variable come into play to help decide where ultimately  you want to call home. And by home, I mean, buy a home, one that is yours to do with as you see fit.  We have seen trends in the real estate industry over the last decade,  like observing people in England looking to buy homes in France as property values continue to shift around the globe, but we caution our buyers to be leery of short term changes in the market and focus more on what is a great value in a home and an area of the world you’d consider your dream.  What we love about Istanbul, Turkey is the longevity of its value.  Many hot spots around the world in terms of real estate, are inflated ideas that actually turn out to be poor investments for consumers. How is the consumer to really know if they are not from the area?
When you decide to spend your money and have a second home, or a retirement home in Istanbul you will find yourself very happy with that decision. There are tremendous posts about activities, history, food, and culture – but I also challenge people looking to buy abroad to think very long term. You don’t have to live here now, but could you enjoy renting it out and staying a few weeks a year until you were ready to grow old in the coolest city I know of.   Of course we are seeing this all over Europe, Turkey is no exception, large buildups by developers in areas like Sisli and Taksim are being built fast and furiously, and that is just a reflection of the changing generation and their needs in the marketplace.

House for sale in Istanbul Turkey that can be a great investment and a second international home

The plus side for traveler’s that wants to experience exotic places, find some interesting work, and keep moving…is that the property development has exploded such that rentals are quite easy to find. This is a nice change of pace and something changing the landscape a bit for the locals and long-term residents.  The good news is, Istanbul, Turkey is a place that has such history and intrigue we all benefit from more people traveling here for work, play, or love.  And rental units are a part of that. 

Come join some people from all over the world and share stories on how you can make your mark on the world together in one of the many amazing properties you can find on the page in the. Browse the listings we have available today right now about us and feel free to also reach out to our staff for any questions! We’d love to take your call.