Buying Homes for Sale in Turkey Exposes you to Amazing Turkish Culture

Buying Homes for Sale in Turkey Exposes you to Amazing Turkish Culture

Many people are heavily influenced by Turkish culture when they choose to purchase one of the homes for sale in Turkey. Turkish culture is known worldwide for its emphasis on hospitality, family values, and the importance of community. Other cultural elements like a unique language, diverse music scene, regional dances, and delicious cuisine offer great opportunities to learn something new when you relocate to Turkey. Homes for sale in Turkey come with the guarantee that you will be wholly welcomed to the country and be able to participate in the rich local culture.  Although English is widely spoken in Istanbul and the coastal cities, Turkish is a fascinating language to learn and even knowing a few words and phrases can help instantly endear you to locals.  Language schools and private tutors for all levels and budgets are easy to find in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and many of the resort towns.  Though Turkish can appear to be an overwhelming language at first given it is structurally different from English and other common Latin or Germanic languages, once you become accustomed to the sounds and rhythm it is really quite simple, logical, and even fun!  So we recommend trying to formally or informally learn a bit of the language when searching for properties in Turkey.

Once you have gotten the hang of the language, explore the other cultural learning opportunities that abound in Istanbul and beyond  Istanbul old and new. Turkish music has been influenced by history, neighboring cultures, and modern flavors. Arab, Balkan, central Asian, Persian, Greek, Black Sea, and Western instruments and melodies can be found in every genre of Turkish music, which includes everything from classical to electronic and Arabesque to rock.  Melancholic, sorrowful ballads can be heard being belted out near cheerful, celebratory dance music.  Whether you want to learn to play or simply enjoy the rich sounds of Turkish music, when you purchase your home, music is never far away.  Turkish dances are also fun and exciting to watch or learn.  Try to catch the award-winning dance company The Fire of Anatolia when they are in town to see an overview of the diverse dance styles of the region.  Or attend a “Turkish Night” in one of the tourist areas, like Sutlanahmet or Taksim, where you will hear a wide range of music and dance, including belly dancing and Black sea dances.  One event you shouldn’t miss if you are considering buying one of the homes in turkey is attending a whirling dervish ceremony.  Watching these followers of Sufis express their devotion in such a mesmerizing manner will leave you awestruck and with a deeper respect for the religion. 

Cook like a Turk 

One of the best parts of exploring any country or culture is getting to know its cuisine.  So be sure to check out the endless food options or take an easy and fun cooking class when you purchase homes for sale in Turkey!  Contact us contact us now to experience all that Turkish culture has to offer and browse homes for sale in Turkey!