Want a home not a house? Then come and see our homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey that are much more than just a building

Want a home not a house? Then come and see our homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey that are much more than just a building

There is a considerable difference between a house and a home. A house is a building that can contain a home. The building can be an elaborate or complex design, or a single unit; the dwelling can be large or small and in any location. A home is not just something you own legally; it is the place you feel you belong, a place where you can be at peace, comfortable, somewhere you want to be. We have homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey that are luxurious complexes, elegant villas and family apartments, all waiting to become someone’s home. We can find you somewhere you feel like you belong, that you can integrate into, become part of the culture be it urban, city or country. We are an experienced company with over thirty years of real estate know how, we understand that everyone is different and what they expect when they are looking for homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey is particular and special to the individual. to discuss your requirements.

As Turkey continues its investment in Istanbul, with transportation developments, improving communications and construction, the real estate market here is attracting considerable attention. In contrast to European and US economies Turkey has continued to improve, especially the real estate market, so a promising investment would be to purchase homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey with a view to increasing your property portfolio with buy to let housing. Increasing interest from Arab countries is significant with large investments into the real estate markets and purchases of high end luxury apartments. Restrictions on International purchasers are slight. Sales have to be signed off by the army who check if the property is of strategic importance and look to see if a reciprocal agreement re purchasing exists with the buyers country then the sale can be completed, normally within 40 days. A title tax of 4% has to be paid; normally buyer and seller split the cost. There are land registry fees, stamp duty and a occupation tax (iskan) on new builds, our agents are here to assist you in all these matters.

Let us help you find a place to call you own from the homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul covers 5,461km2, and is one of the fastest growing metropolitan economies in the world. Its historic skyline now includes many beautiful architectural newcomers, offering the owners breathtaking views. Istanbul has been the home of many varied peoples over the centuries and offers a welcome unsurpassed to those wishing to buy homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey. Purchasing an apartment or villa is straightforward and with all this great city has to offer making your home here is easy. Considering making the move? Let us help you, contact one of our offices and explain your preferences and we will guide you through the viewing, inspection trips and purchasing. Our assistance does not end there we offer a complete after sales service so as to make your transition to one of our homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey as smooth as possible.