Thinking to Buy Turkish Property? Maltepe offers you the home you are looking for

Thinking to Buy Turkish Property? Maltepe offers you the home you are looking for

Planning to live in Istanbul, want to be in the city but not of the city? Thinking to buy Turkish property? Then take a moment to consider Maltepe, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus this delightful area has been a popular summer retreat for the wealthy for many years. As the Bosphorus became more commercial and the area less attractive as a beach resort its popularity declined slightly. A turn around for the area was its development from rural to suburban and this was stimulated by the building of the Bosphorus Bridge in the 1970’s. This is an attractive area in which to buy Turkish property, real estate in Istanbul is diverse, with the history of the area reflected in its buildings. In Maltepe you can find lovely summer houses built along both modern and traditional lines. Exclusive apartment blocks have added to the attraction of this area.  When thinking to buy Turkish property, Maltepe offers many choices for the discerning buyer.

Attractive Maltepe, an up and coming area in which to buy Turkish property; see your investment portfolio grow

If you are planning to buy Turkish property you should take a minute and consider to the Anatolian side of Istanbul to explore all that is available. Maltepe is an attractive suburb and in recent years due to lower property prices, has been attracting young families to the area. Close to the Marmara Sea with easy access to the city via road, train, tube and sea; a 24 minute drive will also get to Sabiha Gokcen Airport, where you can take International and domestic flights. This area is an ideal location for commuters and business men looking for a family home. To buy Turkish property as an investment, Maltepe could suit your needs, with its growing student population to the local University, rental properties are well sort after. Luxury developments offering premium homes with a range of facilities can be found here offering a great social living experience.

Maltepe has plenty to offer with its cosmopolitan appeal, high end shopping Malls and supermarkets, cinemas and sporting facilities; the 2013 transformation of Carrefour Maltepe Park being one of the attractions. Residential areas such as Kucukyai, Esenkent and Central Maltepe offer an urban lifestyle for those looking to buy Turkish property. Maltepe, although a burgeoning suburb also has the feel of a village especially when visiting the Turkish markets, the friendly residents are a mixture of immigrants and locals all bringing a uniqueness to the area. Whilst not a beach resort,the sea front remains a very pleasant area to walk, cycle or just sightsee, whatever the season. Especially picturesque is the views of Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara. Additionally you are never far away from nature with the lovely Kayışdağı Forest on your doorstep offering hiking and mountain bike trails.

So if you are looking to buy Turkish Property with a mind to residing or renting, Maltepe could be the answer for you.