Shopping In Turkey: Top 10 Traditional Souvenirs To Buy Before You Leave

Shopping In Turkey: Top 10 Traditional Souvenirs To Buy Before You Leave

Souvenirs are the inevitable shopping items that people buy abroad. It is both a great memory for us to remember the country we visited and a great gift to please our loved ones. Istanbul is the best combination of both Eastern and Western cultures which makes let the city have a very rich history and numerous items to buy. Istanbul is considered to be the souvenir heaven where you can find all kinds of souvenirs.


The 500 years-old Grand Bazaar has 4000 shops in it and it offers all kinds of traditional goods in addition to cultural experiences. Since the amount of the things Istanbul can offer you is limitless, we have gathered the top 10 unique traditional souvenirs that you can buy for yourself, friends, coworkers or family.


1. Lokum (Turkish Delight)

Turkish - Delight

These healthy snacks are prepared with sugar and starch and usually filled with dried fruits and nuts. Even if you don’t get on well with sweet foods, we bet you are going to love these.


Each type of Turkish Delight has different sizes and shapes however each of them is tastier than others.


Where to Buy Turkish Delight in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Fatih Confectionery Shops, and other local stores


2. Peshtemal (Turkish Towels)

Turkish - Towels

The distinctive feature of peshtemals is they are lighter and thinner than the traditional towels sold on the market. However, these towels are much more durable than regular towels and they can absorb more water.


They are usually used in Turkish Baths. It is possible to find both handmade or machine-made towels. It will be better if you buy handmade ones since they have higher quality and more durable.


Where to Buy Turkish Towels in Istanbul: Jennifer’s Hammam, Dervis Grand Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet Street Shops


3. Carpets & Rugs

Carpets - Rugs

The unique designs and patterns of Turkish carpets made these products famous worldwide. Most of the patterns are inspired by the Ottoman Empire period and these usually consist of geometrical motifs. You can either hang the carpet on your wall for decoration purposes or place it on the floor.


You are going to listen to many untrue stories about the carpet you are going to buy as a part of the marketing strategy of the sellers however even this can be a great experience. This is why it will be better for you to visit more than one store before you buy your carpet or rug. In this way, you can both listen to many interesting stories and compare the prices. As in Turkish Towel, handmade carpets and rugs are much better.


Where to Buy Turkish Carpets & Rugs in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar


4. Evil Eye Talisman (Nazar)

Evil - Eye - Talisman

According to Turkish culture, it is believed that this talisman can protect its wearer from all kinds of curses. Not many people believe this superstition anymore however evil eyes are still important for Turkish people for decoration and aesthetic purposes.


The figures on the talisman represent an eye. It is possible to find many bracelets, bags, keychains and all other stuff inspired by evil eye talisman.


Where to Buy Evil Eye in Istanbul: You can find it in all souvenir shops.


5. Turkish Leather

turkish leather

Turkish leatherwork is the finest leatherwork in the world. It is possible to find all kinds of pieces from bags to belts, jackets to shoes and most of them are made of high-quality leather.


Do not forget to negotiate with the sellers since it is also a part of Turkish tradition.


Where to Buy Turkish Leather in Istanbul: There are many leather shops in Sultanahmet in addition to other touristic areas.


6. Ceramics

Ceramics - Turkish

It is possible to find different kinds of ceramic products such as coasters, plates, bowls and so on. Ceramics has a great part in Turkish culture and you can find ceramic tiles in many mosques. Iznik city is famous for its ceramics.


However, you need to pay attention to buy ceramics which are produced in China during your shopping.


Where to Buy Ceramics in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar and many shops in Sultanahmet District


7. Soap

Soap - Turkey

Handmade, aromatic, and natural soaps are one of the popular souvenirs you can buy in Turkey.


Turkish people made soaps with different ingredients like rose, olive oil, and lavender. Each of them has different benefits and sellers will inform you about these if you ask them.


Where to Buy Soaps in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar, Shops in Sultanahmet, Shops in Istiklal Avenue


8. Glass Lamps

Glass - Lamps - Turkey

It will be hard for you to decide on one product because of the beauty of the glasses. In addition to this, you can find all kinds of lamps that can look good with any decoration.


These lamps are usually made of glass however you can find brass lamps as well. Despite it will be challenging to decide on one, it is going to worth your time.


Where to Buy Glass Lamps in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar and Shops on Istiklal Avenue


9. Turkish Tea (Chai)

Turkish - Tea

Turkish tea is one of the most consumed beverages in Turkish culture. This black tea is consumed without any milk. It is also possible for you to find different flavors however you should give a try to traditional Turkish tea before you leave.


You can even find this tea in any market or local shop and they are usually sold in packages.


Where to Buy Turkish Tea in Istanbul: Every shop you can find


10. Coffee Pot

Turkish - coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the flavored coffees you can taste in the world and its preparation is quite different than we know.


If you liked the taste of this coffee then it may be a good idea to buy its coffee pot. You can even buy it as a gift for your loved ones who love every type of coffee.


Where to Buy Coffee Pot in Istanbul: Grand Bazaar and Arasta Bazaar