Istanbul's new Airport is impressive

Istanbul's new Airport is impressive

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Turkey’s perfect geographical location between Asia, the Middle East and the rest of Europe, makes it a perfect spot for conferences and meetings for people from all over the world.


With the opening of the new airport later this year, the number of business travelers will increase; therefore, the rate of investment in Istanbul will increase as well. This airport is built to replace Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, which is the 15th busiest airport in the world. So, certainly with this new airport there will be a bigger capacity to welcome millions of visitors.

Istanbul’s New Airport will be a game changer. It will have the capacity for 150 million passengers annually which makes it the largest airport in the world. This will open room for new investments in Istanbul.


Its 22 miles away from Istanbul’s city center and 120 countries will be accessible within a three-hour flight time. It’s set to be Turkish Airlines’ new hub, which flies to over 110 countries from Istanbul.

The airport will also have Europe’s largest terminal hotel. Rooms will be available at the Yotel pod style hotel, making it an attractive place for business travelers’ short trips.