Warming Touches To Add Welcome Into Your Home or Real Estate Istanbul This Winter

Warming Touches To Add Welcome Into Your Home or Real Estate Istanbul This Winter

Winter in Istanbul can be cold, wet or even snowy. Getting out of that cold into the inviting warmth of your home is a pleasure to look forward to.  No-one, however, wants to overhaul their home every few months to mark the change of the seasons. But a small addition here and there can make a big difference in the appearance of your home or real estate Istanbul. Don’t forget it is just as important to make your workspace, office or reception reflect an appeal that is warm and welcoming in the cold, drab months of winter. Try these suggestions to make your space somewhere you want to be when the temperatures drop and the cold nights come early.


Soft throws are an instant upgrade to warm and cosy in winter. The range of fabrics for them that is available is great, from faux fur to wool, soft and fluffy their appeal never fades. These blankets or throws become not just part of your décor but an experience. Draped over furniture, they bring style into to your rooms. There again, nothing beats cuddling up under a fluffy blanket while watching TV or reading on a cold winter’s day.
Wool Kilims add depth, texture and style to your rooms while adding that extra element of warmth. Try layering them for extra effect. The beautiful designs that are available from traditional to modern would suit any area but are especially welcoming in bedrooms, lounges and waiting areas.

Brightening Up Your Rooms

It is amazing what a couple of ‘sunny’ coloured cushions can do to an area. Use colours in the range of red, orange, yellow; reminiscent of sunshine and summer; they instantly bring cheer to your room. If you are into handicrafts recycle an old sweater into a pillow, fun to make and brings your personality into the room.  Pine cones are perfect winter decorations. Used as tabletop decorations or candleholders, they are an economical way to bring a sense of the outdoors in and add character to your rooms and their woodsy scent is pleasant and inviting. Go for a crisp walk and collect your own.
Use lamps strategically placed, rather than bright overheads. Their softer glow has a more enticing feel, more comforting and welcoming. Using a mirror to reflect their light in a particular area can add more warmth to a room.



Scent in a home or office is evocative; it can change the dynamics of a space quite dramatically. In winter the warming aromas of cinnamon, coffee, spicy orange, frankincense and many more create an inviting atmosphere. Not only the scent but the flickering lights all add to the overall sense of warmth in your rooms.  As candles are not really suitable for offices, consider the range of plugins available now. Using these means you can change the atmosphere in your space at the flick of a switch. String lights also add a warmer cosier atmosphere. Consider using a dimmer switch to add a similar effect. The lowered lighting adds to a mood of relaxation and comfort, especially needed in the colder winter months.

Changing Things Around

Take a look at your wall pictures, a cool beach theme is perfect in summer, but maybe a different style would suit the winter months? Furniture set against walls adds space and opens a room out, but in winter cosy is wanted. Try angling your furniture and not setting them back to the wall. Books, even a small bookshelf adds warmth and personality to a room.
There is no need for an expensive outlay to make your home or real estate Istanbul feel welcoming not only to yourself but guests or customers. Try some of these small touches, and you will see a difference immediately.