Take Time-Out to Enjoy Bach While Searching for Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul

Take Time-Out to Enjoy Bach While Searching for Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul

The Bach Days in Istanbul

Living and working in Istanbul offers a multitude of experiences of the various aspects of the cultures within the city. There are some amazing experiences and opportunities available to those living in or visiting such a megalopolis. The huge mix of nationalities that call Istanbul their home have created this melting pot; bringing their art, music, and dance to add a variety that is compelling, vivid and engrossing. Classical music is one aspect of this variety; loved all over the globe and featured regularly in concerts and festivals throughout Istanbul. One of the most loved composers, Johann Sebastian Bach has a special festival held just for his music in Istanbul throughout December.. If you are just visiting or here for the serious business of looking at Real Estate for sale in Istanbul, take some time out for some beautiful music.
Bach soothes the soul whatever piece you listen to, his cello and piano concertos are a pleasure for everyone, you just sit back and let all the stress float away. Classical music makes you sit and take time out so that you walk out a concert energised and ready for whatever the world (or Istanbul) will throw at you. Remember taking time out helps in decision making, and if you are serious about buying real estate for sale in Istanbul, the choices will be many, so you must make the right decision, make the time to relax and visit one of these wonderful concerts.
This year the ‘Bach Days in Istanbul’ will run from December 7th, 2016; the theme of this year’s popular festival is ‘Bach & Love’. This is the 13th Bach Festival hosted by Istanbul and includes many virtuosos from around the world, accompanied by renown worldwide orchestras. The opening concert was held on the Grand Pera Emek stage and included the famed violinist Andres Mustonen and Estonian Glasperlenspiel Chamber Orchestra, fabulous evening. A change to previous year’s concerts held at the Istanbul Maritime Museum will allow the concert attendees to drink beverages while listening to the music. Emulating a time when music was played and enjoyed in the 1700’s in the Café of Gottfried Zimmermann in Leipzig. Here music would be discussed and enjoyed while eating and drinking. In Istanbul, Shangri-La will offer food and beverages to be consumed during the concerts, and there will be talks held on Bach and love before the concerts. The Bach Days in Istanbul will conclude with a concert on the 22nd December with a concert by violinist François Fernandez.