When looking at Istanbul Real Estate for Sale, Remember the City is a Micro System of all Turkey’s Areas and Many Others

When looking at Istanbul Real Estate for Sale, Remember the City is a Micro System of all Turkey’s Areas and Many Others

When you first visit Istanbul you will have collected many diverse piece of information on the city. Online research, friends who have been, newspapers and books. Nothing really prepares for the uniqueness and unusual beauty that is Istanbul. This ancient city is named the ‘Bridge between East and West’ for good reason. It is, not just physically, but socially, culturally, and politically. Throughout its long history, Istanbul has been a traveller’s city; some come walking, some by boat. Some even came to make war and own the city. Some stayed for a while; others stayed forever. Every one of them have left their mark on the city, either with buildings, art, music, or a way of life.
When visiting Istanbul either as a tourist or a potential purchaser of Istanbul real estate for sale, you will discover area that display their existence to different regions & cultures within Turkey. One example of this is Siirt.

Sharing a Taste of the East with Siirt

Siirt is a city in South -East Turkey an area that combined Mesopotamian and Anatolian culture. Originally a Byzantium seat of Christianity it now homes a mainly Kurdish population. Although not a rich city it has connections with President Erdogan’s political career and his wife is from there. Famous for a number of products that include Siirt battaniyesi - handmade blankets, traditional kilims by the Jirkin clan and bittım soaps. You will also find a superb rich cuisine and spa culture. Maybe a bit too far to travel to experience the delights of East Turkey but the thing is you can also find them in Istanbul.
If you go into Aksaray, in the Fatih district of Istanbul and meander; if you have the time from searching for Istanbul real estate for sale, always meander in Istanbul, take your time, there is no hurry and so much to see. Go to the Molla Zeyrek Mosque (originally the Church of Pantocrator Monastery), walk towards the Bozdoğan Aqueduct on route you will come to a wide square known as the Kadınları Pazarı (Women’s bazaar) or Siirt bazaar. Once a weekly market is now a permanent fixture and there for whatever time you spare from looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul.

Siirt Bazaar Istanbul Fatih District

Siirt Bazaar Istanbul

Here you will experience a minuscule visit to the real city. You will find Sakatataçı – who sell offal; these sellers are a dying breed as supermarkets take over, but in this area you still find them. All of the specialities of the area are here, the soaps and kilims and blankets, plus many of their fruits like the famous Kivgik pomegranates, Pervari honey and watermelon seed sellers. The food is exquisite, and you really must try their kebabs. Büryan kebabs made from lamb meat. The whole lamb is cooked very slowly, in wells sealed with clay until the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth. Served with perde pilav (veiled rice) rice cooked in yufka (thin unleavened bread dough) with almonds and currants. Oh, the taste and texture will never be forgotten. If you are not too full, then try the künefe and taste some of the delicious special cheese from the region. A sensational taste. Once visited you will go back, the atmosphere, food and the sheer enjoyment of a day spent in Istanbul but also in Siirt - without the journey.