Now You Have Found Your Istanbul Property, it is Time to Share it’s Rooftop Delights

Now You Have Found Your Istanbul Property, it is Time to Share it’s Rooftop Delights

Are you still looking or have your found your Istanbul property? Whichever, as you have decided to share your future with the city, it is time the city shares some of its secrets with you. Discovering what Istanbul has to offer in the way of culture, music, food, art and many other offerings you have to get out and about. Put on your adventurous attitude and meander around the streets and don’t forget to look up. Yes, look up. A lot of the social activities in Istanbul take place on the rooftops of sometimes rather uninspiring buildings. Do not make the mistake of making decisions at first glance, something I am sure you know when looking at Istanbul property. You take the winding stairs or small elevators and head to the roofs. There you can find restaurants, music bars, art galleries and so much more. Here are couple of secrets the city is sharing today:-

Rooftop Vista of Istanbul

Tavanarasi Restaurant – Asmalımescit District

Now you have to head to the sixth floor of this building No. 26/11 Asmalımescit Sokak to find a rustic eatery. Popular for its Turkish cuisine, atmosphere and excellent price. Sit around the wooden tables eating delicious fresh seafood and look out on the charming streets of Istanbul below you.

Araf – Halfway between Heaven and Hell in Beyoglu, just off Istiklal Cad.

Not quite the rooftop for this venue but taking up the top two floors of yet another apartment block is a great nightclub. The club takes it name from the land between Heaven and Hell – Purgatory. But it is as far from Purgatory as you can get unless you don’t like cheap beer, a mixed clientele, including locals, ex-pats, students and lucky tourists who have found it. All these combined with live bands playing make this club an eclectic mix of fun that you should not miss.

Balkon Terrace in Beyoglu

This venue has as it panorama The Golden Horn. Visit day or evening for the perfect sundowner or try their delicious pizza. This laid-back terrace café is perfect for relaxing or meeting finds or a solitary chill out absorbing the atmosphere and history of the area

La Mancha – Kuruçeşme

For something a little different, the La Mancha on a rooftop with more stunning views across the Bosphorus. The food here is a mixture of Moroccan, Spanish and Italian. Do not visit without trying the Tapas and the melon or pineapple martini. Perfect for a romantic summer evening don't you think?

Well shared some very special places to visit but remember, keep them secret so they stay special, more will be revealed in future posts. So, when you are wandering around Istanbul gazing at the many surprises do not forget to turn your heads towards the rooftops, you never know what you might find.