Modern, Historic, Cultural: Investing in Real Estate in Istanbul brings you so much more than you can imagine

Modern, Historic, Cultural: Investing in Real Estate in Istanbul brings you so much more than you can imagine

Istanbul is the city where the past and the present tangle, a city with a juxtaposition of East and West. Istanbul offers something for everyone, the city of cities. If you have come to here to explore investing in real estate for sale in Istanbul, you have come to a city that offers you whatever you are looking for, wrapped up in a cultural package of delights. It is a city that writers have waxed lyrical about for centuries. The city is a vibrant, demanding, and beautiful. It is here you can find culture, architecture, religion, food and of course history, all by just walking around a corner. Investing in real estate in Istanbul is entering into a connection with the city, one that will be successful, stimulating and rewarding. While the modern elements of Istanbul attract and support all forms of investment, it is the history that captures you, heart and soul.

A View Of Fabulous Istanbul

Taste the History of Istanbul in ‘Yashım Cooks Istanbul.

Yashim Cooks Istanbul

When considering the history of Istanbul, one period stands out for most people, The Ottoman Empire. From 1299 -1922, it has had its peaks and troughs, but it was certainly a prolific and interesting point in history. The 1830’s is the period one writer has focused on; Jason Goodwin introduces us to the realm of the Ottomans though his Investigator Yashım novels. His main character, Yashım, is a eunuch, working for the Ottoman Sultans and his officials. To circumnavigate the difficulty of a man not being able to interview woman alone, or from the harem. Yashim became a eunuch, historically correct, and prevented the detective stories from being restricted in any way. The Inspector Yashım Novels are:-

  • The Janissary Tree.
  • Snake & Stone.
  • The Bellini Card
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Baklava Club

To complement these novels, something very special has evolved, a wonderful cookbook of tantalizing Ottoman recipes that have been “inspired by the food in the novels.” The book, ‘Yashım Cooks Istanbul’ can be pre-ordered now and would certainly be an excellent additions to anyone’s bookshelves, but should be a prerequisite if you do decide investing in real estate Istanbul is for you. The flavours of this magnificent city are there for you to try in the book, they are evocative of the historic past and a reminder of what is available in Istanbul today.