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Looking to buy Istanbul Property? Don’t Forget to Take Time Out to Eat

If you are looking to buy Istanbul property, then you are going to be doing quite a bit of travelling around the city, looking at the huge variety of properties available for you to purchase. Then, you must allow yourself time to indulge in some of the fantastic street food you can find in the city. According to CNN International, Istanbul is listed as the sixth of twenty-three cities for excellent street food. The “World’s 23 best Cities for street food” list by CNN International leads with Bangkok, Thailand and includes other famous cities such as Paris, Hong Kong, and New Orleans.
So, if you take a fancy to buy Istanbul property, be assured you will never be at a loss for something tasty to eat. Some of the most popular street foods you will find in Istanbul have been around a long time. The ubiquitous kebab, when sold on the streets takes the name ‘Durum’ and is basically the same meat, but served rolled in a wrap. The wrap, if you are truly fortunate will be freshly made as you order. Delicious!

Another popular street food that you can eat for breakfast, dinner, and tea is a ‘simit’. These bread rings are not a pretzel or a bagel, but something in-between. Freshly baked, dipped in molasses, then coated in sesame seeds, these flavoursome, tasty snacks are great on their own, especially if still warm. They can also be spread with butter, soft cheese or Nutella, which the vendor will keep in his stand. You will find simit sellers all over the city, either with stands or walking around with them in big trays – sometimes on their heads

Istanbul Simit Seller

Istanbul Simit Seller

In the heat of summer, another popular street food is the luscious Kahramanmaras ice-cream. Sold out of barrels by colourful vendors, and because of its special ingredient, this ice-cream is slow to melt. You can even cut it with a knife. As soon as you buy Istanbul property, and spend some time in the city, you will become a fan of this fabulous ice-cream, served with pistachio or taken home and enjoyed with a few pieces of baklava!

Kahramanmaras Ice Cream Vendor

Aug 22 2016