Looking at houses for sale in Turkey – the ‘purrfect’ home

Looking at houses for sale in Turkey – the ‘purrfect’ home

For some people, a house without a pet is not a home. Not all agree of course, but it is a sentiment you can find all over the world. Turkey is no exception, especially Istanbul which has quite a reputation for cats! Now there is an idea that only a cat in the home is loved and cosseted, but you will find this is not so in Istanbul. So while you are looking at houses for sale in Istanbul, take a good look around you. You will see cats almost everywhere. Not the feral, mangy felines you might be expecting. Oh no, in Istanbul you will find some very fat cats. Not only well fed and loved; some are celebrities in their own right.
In a recent documentary made about Istanbul’s street cats called ‘Kedi’, the director, Ceyda Torun, explores the extraordinary affections Istanbul’s street cats are held in. Cats intermingle with the frenetic stream of life in this fascinating city, at one with the city and its residents and as in the way of cats, separate and aloof. Ceyda Torun thinks that, There’s a mystery, an unpredictability about both cats and Istanbul… and it stretches way back into the history of the city. As the city grows exponentially, so too does the care offered to the cats; with street shelters, food and water being left out, the film explores Istanbul from a different perspective, a truly interesting one. So if you would like to see a different take the city and on houses for sale in Istanbul, take a look at this film. You can see a preview here:

It would be remiss of this post not to pay tribute to one of Istanbul’s most famous celebrities, Tombili. This wonderful feline sadly passed away on August 1. 2016. Made famous by the photograph on 9GAG (a comic internet site) that showed him lounging in the street. Numerous memes have been made from the photograph, even having teacups’ and glasses of raki in front of him, a true social media icon. To the Istanbulites and visitors who met him, he will be long remembered and loved. RIP Tombili.

The Iconic Tombili