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This section includes plenty of useful information that will help you discover the fantastic city of Istanbul. Whether you are simply visiting or planning to buy Istanbul property, our blog is full of tips and tricks that will come in handy.

From its best-kept secrets to the essentials, we help you get to know Istanbul like the locals do and explore the exciting possibilities for property investment in one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Real Estate BlogsReal Estate Blogs Real Estate BlogsReal Estate Blogs

The 10 Most Expensive Historical Luxury Mansions in Istanbul

The 10 Most Expensive Historical Luxury Mansions in Istanbul

Istanbul’s mansions are on top of the list of luxury properties in Istanbul. Most of them are located alongside Bosporus and they are as impressive with their magnificence as well as their prices. The price range can vary between 13 million to 200 million dollars. The total price for 35 of these mansions is more than 1.5 billion dollars.
Here are the top 10 most expensive mansions in Istanbul:

Erbilgin Mansion

The most expensive mansion in Istanbul is located in Yenikoy, Sarıyer and is called Erbilgin Mansion. It was built with similar to...

Nov 27 2015

Istanbul’s Luxurious, Halal Restaurants

Istanbul’s Luxurious, Halal Restaurants

Turkey is one of the major locations in the world for halal tourism with more than 160 halal facilities. Most of the Muslim families look for halal restaurants and hotels to have some quality time with their families abroad. Here are some of the best, luxurious halal restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey.


Istanbul’s famous gourmet charcuterie store NAMLI GURME’s branch Namport, offers a large variety of tastes for every type of palatal delights and it is famous for their great breakfast. It is located in Karakoy’s coast and ensuring you to enjoy the...

Nov 02 2015